About the author

Ros Capper has been intrigued by ideas that are new to her since childhood.She has enquired, explored and joined with others to create successful new initiatives including The Natural Step, New Mother Support Groups, the Skills Project Trust and the Tall Poppies consultancy. A subsequent devastating business liquidation catalysed several years of withdrawal and enquiry.

Her new book And What Now?, ‘a companion when the unexpected happens’ is the result. It was launched in May by Baroness Sheila Hollins. The event was attended by the diverse community of musicians, artists, poets, writers, film makers, social enterprise and business leaders who had responded to Ros in her focus on questions that matter. It was fun!

Ros hopes her book becomes a companion for people exploring a life change or changes, enabling them to take heart, play with possibilities, notice what things feel right and begin to nourish those. Gently, one step at a time